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Hi there :)

I finally found the time to upload a sample of my photography collection online to one of my sites, LordLabakdas.com; If you think that is a funny name for a site, you can check out its origin and explore about other sites I own here.

Check out my bookmark collection where I keep updated list of links to sites that offer TV shows and movies online, and recipes, and to good restaurants.

Latest: I've been putting off the task for publishing my mom's recipes for a long time. Everytime friends/family ask for it I always tell them that I'm in the process of doing it. Finally I published it! Created a recipe site called Dash of Salt & A Pinch of Love for hosting all her recipes. Used Wordpress for the site and it's great.

I wanted to extend it so started to learn how to write plugins for wordpress; it's easy. You can check out the plugin I wrote for wordpress here. The plugin is called Auto Post Images (API) for Wordpress and it basically allows you to add images into your posts without having to edit the post every time you want to add or remove an image. Its simple to use. You can read more about it & download it on the Auto Post Images (API) plugin home page. Also I have setup a separate blog for hosting all the plugins and other projects called Plugins & More by Karthikeyan; check it out for more information about the Auto Post Images (API) plugin and other plugins & projects I'm working on.


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